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Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

While the Historic Village may be closed for the winter, Sauder Village is still buzzing with activity! Construction projects are taking place, plans are being made for the upcoming season and guests continue to join us for shopping, unique classes, dining, and a great overnight get-away.

As we look forward to the 2012 season we plan to make our Sauder Village blog an even more interesting place for you to visit! We’ll be sharing stories about our classes, special events, cooking and artifacts. You can also look for behind-the scenes photos, gardening tips, volunteer opportunities and more! We may even try using some video clips to help share our stories.

For today, here’s a look at a project we’re working on this winter (thank goodness for mild weather!) in preparation for opening day!

Thanks to the funding support provided by the Anderson Foundation and the Sauder Stewardship Foundation, we have been able to proceed with a “Pathways Improvement Project” in the Historic Village.   The first part of this project is to widen the “center circle” to improve traffic flow around the Village Green. As the size of wheelchairs and strollers has widened and the use of motorized scooters has become more prevalent over the years, our guests have often been forced to walk off the edge of the sidewalk to get around others (you may recall that gravel was used around the center circle sidewalk last season to cover up the muddy areas). Since we are committed to continuing to “do things right” we are pleased to be widening this walkway to better accommodate our guests and improve safety – while maintaining the charm and atmosphere of the Village Green. 

We are grateful for the financial support that make projects like this a reality! 

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  1. Recently we had a breakdown with our vehicle near Sauder Village. I called to see if we could stay at the Inn while our vehicle was being repaired. We soon found out we would be delyed almost a week. We found someone to haul our trailer and the staff at the front desk went out of their way to accomodate us in the campground. They were very sympathetic to our needs and genuinely cared about our situation. The campground is very well layed out and clean. The Inn is fantastic, with a beautiful pool, which was included in our stay at the campground. I highly recommend the Inn and campground at Sauder village. We will be back!