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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buttercup's New Calves!

This week we were pleased to welcome two new calves to our Sauder Village barnyard! Our Milking Shorthorn cow, Buttercup, gave birth to a set of twins Tuesday evening. Both calves (a heifer and a bull) and their momma are doing just fine!

Experiencing life on the farm is a favorite part of the Sauder Village experience for many of our guests. They love meeting the oxen, watching our historic farmer use horses to work in the fields and seeing the baby chicks, lambs and calves grow up throughout the season.
Providing quality care for our animals is quite an expense for our non-profit organization. Sauder Village will invest a minimum of $1,750 in the coming year to raise a baby calf (and now that dollar amount is doubled with a surprise set of twins!). We’ll have feed, hay and water to buy as well as vaccinations to keep our new calves healthy. We’ll also have labor expenses for our historic farmer to help care for these new additions to our barnyard.

Don’t these new baby calves just make you smile? If so, we’re hoping you’ll consider supporting our historic farming program at Sauder Village. Why not make a donation today to help with the on-going care of our new baby calves? Whether you donate $25 or $250 . . . . your support will help care for this adorable set of twins!

Click here to help support Buttercup and her calves! Make your donation today and be sure to stay tuned for more updates on our calves and other new deliveries expected this spring! We hope you’ll visit often this season to watch as our calves grow. Thank you for your support!

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