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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Erie Express Chugs Along…

Thanks to a group of friends, the Erie Express train will stay on track!

The Erie Express is a replica of an 1863 steam engine which played an important part in building America’s first transcontinental railroad.  Guests of all ages enjoy traveling back in time by riding the Erie Express through the historic timeline at Sauder Village, including Natives and Newcomers, Pioneer Settlement, and the 1910 Homestead area. 

Keeping the train running safely is a big task and our maintenance staff makes this a priority.  However, servicing the train is difficult and time-consuming.  Access to the underside of the train is necessary to maintain the equipment, requiring the over three-ton train to be lifted off the track. 

Unfortunately, this has caused our guests to experience interruptions in service.  No more!

Now, this disruption will be minimal as friends of Sauder Village contributed funds needed to build an underground service area that will enable our train to be inspected and serviced more efficiently. 

The underground service area will be built by the end of this season!  Thank you to everyone who has helped keep the Erie Express on track!

Even some of our youngest members made a donation
to this special project! Gifts to support the Erie Express
are still welcome. We are grateful to everyone who
has helped make this project possible!

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