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Monday, July 13, 2015

Explore Your Creativity on Sat. July 18

Take time to be inspired this summer during the annual Explore the Crafts Event at Sauder Village. On Saturday, July 18 guests will be encouraged to try pottery, drawing, embroidery, weaving, broom making, tinsmithing, printing and more while exploring the crafts at Ohio’s largest living-history destination!

“Our Explore the Crafts event offers guests a greater appreciation of the talented craftsmen that work each day at Sauder Village,” shared Kim Krieger, PR/Media Relations. “This popular day is filled with inspiration and creativity and provides great memories for all involved.”

During this fun-filled event, craftsmen will share their talents while allowing guests to explore their own creativity.  Visitors may want to try pottery, making wooden tops, mini decorative brooms, felt balls, wooden beaded necklaces, and tussie mussies. Some of the other hands-on activities planned for this event include assembling a wooden bucket, making a tin icicle ornament, spinning, weaving and embroidery. Guests participate in drawing activities, stamp bookmarks in the Print Shop and make a God’s eye ornament in the Basket Shop.



  1. I would love to try pottery. I have done some of the other thanks to my grandma.

  2. pottery with my granddaughter